Rold StorKro welcomes auto-campers!

If you are on holiday in your auto-camper and want to visit some of the most beautiful nature in Denmark, you are most welcome to stay on our parking area.
It is free to park here for a couple of days, while you enjoy the fantastic nature of the Forest of Rold and the National Park Rebild Bakker.

As a thank you for our hospitality, we would appreciate seeing you at Rold StorKro, purchasing DRINKS, COFFEE and CAKE etc.
We have a large breakfast buffet every morning from
7.30-10.00 am. Lunch served indoors or outside on our terrace from 12 noon, or maybe a delicious evening meal in our Panorama Restaurant from 6 pm.
Try our exciting and challenging 18-hole minigolf course.

If you need maps of the forest or other tourist information, you are very welcome to ask at the reception.

There are no facilities in the parking area; no electricity or water (of course you are welcome to fill your water bottle at the hotel).


We kindly ask you to use the part of the parking area, closest to the driveway.

NB: This offer is for auto-campers only, not for caravans or other vans without own toilet facilities.

This parking facility is not available from January 2023.