Lunch Menu

Served every day from 12.00-15.00


Open sandwiches

Marinated herring with curry salad, capers and onion kr. 95,00
Fried fish fillet served with pickled carrot, home-made remoulade and lemon kr. 110,00
Fried fish fillet with mayonnaise, prawns and lemon kr. 120,00
Cold-smoked salmon from “Kyst”
Served as tartar with cornichons, baked tomatoes, sauce Verte and crispy potatoes
kr. 125,00
Roast beef with root vegetable-remoulade, crispy and pickled onions, fried mushrooms and mushroom mayonnaise kr. 115,00
“Drunken Dog” cheese from Arla Unika with prunes in Armagnac, fresh berries and rye crackers from Bornholm kr. 105,00
Open sandwich of the day kr. 95,00

Hot and cold lunchtime delights

SUNDAY BUFFET from 12.30 almost every Sunday kr.  315,00
WEEKDAY BUFFET (Not available every day) kr. 248,00
A Danish speciality;
Fried fish filet, cold-smoked salmon, prawns, egg, mayonnaise, lemon and cocktail dressing with Cognac.Served on toast
kr. 175,00
Mushroom toast and Skagen ham
Seasonal mushrooms a la creme, topped with Skagen ham, Retro cheese and green leaves
kr. 175,00

Cake until 17.00

kr. 149,00
Layer cake with seasonal marmalade, pastry cream, macaroons with port wine and whipped cream kr. 65,00
Warm Danish pastry with Lord Mayor filling and hazelnut flakes kr. 45,00
Danish marzipan cake with hazelnut flakes, dark chocolate and nougat filling kr. 45,00
Danish rum cake with real rum, coconut and dried raspberries kr. 35,00
4 pieces of filled chocolates kr. 50,00



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