Lunch Menu

Served every day from 12.00-15.00


Open sandwiches

Pickled herring with onion, egg and curry salade kr. 68,00
Spiced herring with apple/sour cream  kr. 68,00
Fried fish filet served with home-made remoulade kr. 85,00
Fried fish filet served with shrimps and mayo kr. 92,00
Smoked salmon with scrambled eggs and chives kr. 98,00
Salted cold veal and liver pate, with lard, jellied gravy and raw onions, a Danish classic kr. 92,00
Roast venison with tarragon-mayo,cranberry and capers kr. 85,00
Gorgonzola on toasted rye-bread with onion and raw egg-yolk kr. 93,00
Mature cheese with lard, jellied gravy, onions and rum kr. 83,00

Hot and cold lunchtime delights

SUNDAY BUFFET from 12.30 every Sunday kr.  258,00
WEEKDAY BUFFET (Not available every day) kr. 198,00
Ciabatta sandwich with panko-fried chicken breast, tarragon-mayo pickled cucumber and lettuce kr. 115,00
Smoked salmon on crisp lettuce with marinated winter vegetables and cream of smoked cheese kr. 105,00
Croque Madame
(toasted ham-cheese-mustard sandwich) with fried egg and lettuce tossed in vinaigrette
kr. 120,00
*Venison burger with pickled redonion, cucumber relish and bacon. Served with coarse fries and tarragon mayo kr. 139,00
*Fried and steamed fish filet, shrimps and home smoked salmon, served on toasted white bread, a Danish classic kr. 139,00
3 types of cheese with garnish and home-made crisp bread kr. 128,00
 Dessert plate with 3 kinds of sweets kr. 128,00
4 pieces of filled chocolates kr. 42,00

* Is also served from 15.00 - 17.00


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